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Goncalo Igreja Andre

Phone: (+61 4) 7883 2724

Start date

Nov 2015

Submission date

Oct 2019

Goncalo Igreja Andre

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Penis size– does it really matter? What are the selective pressures shaping the baculum morphology and how does morphology influence the outcome of a sexual encounters


I am interested in the selective mechanisms underlying the evolution of the penis bone or baculum in mammals, and how the morphology of this bone impacts male and female reproductive success. I am using the house mouse as a model species, to measure physiological and morphological parameters, ranging from baculum size and shape to the neuroendocrinology response of females when mated with males with different baculum phenotypes. I will also determine the degree to which the environmental and genetic backgrounds of individuals affect baculum morphology.

Why my research is important

My research will contribute to a better understanding of the evolution of this divergent mammalian bone and how it impacts the reproductive success of individuals.




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