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Assoc/Prof Jonathan Evans

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Contact details
Centre for Evolutionary Biology
The University of Western Australia (M092)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 2010
+61 8 6488 1029
BSc Liv. PhD St And.
1994-1997 BSc in Marine Biology (Hons), University of Liverpool, UK

1997-2001: PhD in Evolutionary Biology, University of St Andrews, UK

2001-2003: Marie Curie Independent Research, University of Padova, Italy

2003-2006: ARC Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship, UWA

2006-2010: ARC QEII Fellowship, UWA

2011-2012: Senior Lecturer, UWA

2012-: Associate Professor, UWA
Key research
My research focuses primarily on sexual selection and evolution in natural and laboratory populations of freshwater fishes and marine invertebrates, but I also continue to expand my research foci to include new model systems (e.g. amphibians, mammals, elasmobranchs) and research directions. Current research projects are funded primarily through two ARC grants focusing on the genetic and environmental basis for linking pre- and postcopulatory episodes of sexual selection, inbreeding, the evolution of sperm-egg interactions in broadcast spawning invertebrates, and behavioural ecology in guppies.
Key research interests:
Sexual Selection
Sperm Competition
Evolutionary and Ecological Genetics
Hot off (in) the press...

Evans, J. P., Lymbery, R. A., Wiid, K. S., Rahman, Md M. & Gasparini, C. 2017 Sperm as moderators of environmentally induced paternal effects in a livebearing fish. Biol. Lett. In press

Gasparini, C., Dosselli, R. & Evans, J. P. 2017 Sperm storage by males causes changes in sperm phenotype and influences the reproductive fitness of males and their sons. Evolution Letters In press

Kekäläinen, J. & Evans, J. P. 2017 Female-induced remote regulation of sperm physiology may provide opportunities for gamete-level mate choice. Evolution 71: 238-248

For a complete list of publications visit GOOGLE SCHOLAR

ResearcherID: A-1992-2011
Roles, responsibilities and expertise
Co-Chair of School of Biological Sciences Teaching and Learning Committee

Member of Science Education Committee
Funding received
Current funding:

ARC Discovery Project (2017-2019) 'Mechanisms underlying chemical signalling in the sea'

ARC Discovery Project (2015-2017) ‘The dynamics of sexual selection on gametes in a broadcast spawner’

Previous funding:

ARC Discovery Project (2012-2014) 'Integrating pre- and postcopulatory sexual selection'

ARC Discovery Grant (2011-2013) ‘Assessing conservation genetic approaches for understanding inbreeding depression’

ARC Discovery Grant (2007-2010) ‘Sources of genetic and phenotypic variation in sexual selection’

ARC Discovery Grant & QEII Fellowship (2006-2010) ‘Postcopulatory sexual selection and intraspecific variation in sperm competition traits’

ARC Discovery Grant & APD Fellowship (2003-2006)
‘Female roles during postcopulatory sexual selection’
Honours and awards
Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour Outstanding Young Investigator Award 2007
Previous positions
Editorial Board Member, Proceedings of the Royal Society London B (2010-2015)

Consulting Editor, Animal Behaviour (2005-2008)
Behavioural Ecology (ANIM3365)
Evolutionary Processes (ANIM3362)
Field Studies in Zoology (ANIM2209)
Darwinian Revolution (ANIM1001)
Sex in the Sea (BIOL5504)
Current external positions
Editorial Board Member, J. Ethol.
Useful links
Twitter: https://twitter.com/1jonevans

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/CENTRE-FOR-EVOLUTIONARY-BIOLOGY/424509184277922

ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Jonathan_Evans13

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